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Reliability of Your Retirement Income Questionnaire

Please take a few moments to complete this questionnaire.

This questionnaire will determine how important the Reliability of Your Retirement Income is to you.

As you move into the retirement phase of your life, your focus will begin to shift from the rate of return on your investments to how those investments will produce the income you need.

There are two parts to this questionnaire.

The Guarantee Factor measures the value you place on guaranteeing your retirement income.

The Volatility Factor assesses your sensitivity to volatility within your retirement investment.

We can use your answers to develop the most reliable retirement income plan for you.

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  • The proportion of your total investments that you plan to commit to produce retirement income is:
  • What percentage of your total income must be spent on the things that you cannot do without (food, clothing, power, health care, housing) ?
  • Over the course of your retirement you expect your monthly income needs to:
  • What percentage of your retirement income do you expect to receive from Centrelink?
  • Guaranteeing a fixed lifetime income stream is more important than an inflation-adjusted lifetime income stream:
  • Leaving a significant portion of your investments to your heirs (non-spouse) is important:
  • Health permitting, how do you feel about work during retirement?
  • I am worried that my retirement income may not last for the rest of my life:
  • If my investments that were used to generate retirement income dropped to 75% of their original Value, I would still feel comfortable with my income plan if:
  • How confident are you in managing your retirement income on your own?
  • I am more concerned with maintaining my principal than I am with achieving additional growth over and above my annual income needs:
  • If you needed $10,000 due to an unexpected financial obligation, would you need to liquidate a portion of your retirement investment?
  • Which statement best describes your attitude towards fluctuations in the value of your investments?
  • A reasonable time to commit to a managed unit trust investment is:
  • If you invested 100% of your retirement assets to produce a non-guaranteed income stream, you would abandon the plan if the value of my account declined:
  • I expect future market returns to be less than historic long term averages
  • I believe my retirement income will need to last beyond twenty-five years:
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