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Our Fees

Total transparency - not one hidden fee or charge

We have three different fees for three different levels of advice:

Our fee disclosure policy far exceeds those mandated by the recent FOFA Regulations. It includes all fees (both initial and on-going) charged by investment managers, wrap platforms as well as our own

To ensure you are totally up to date with our fees, our business practice is disclose every fee at every interview and not simply on an annual basis

Our fees are initially set at the following rates and will rise with the CPI on each anniversary

Our fees (including GST) are based on the service you choose to receive and are listed below:



Ongoing Fee

One-off, ad-hoc client instigated

Limited Advice, Simple Statement of Advice

$200 per hour paid via invoice and credit card

 Not applicable

Retirement Income Strategy

You retain your existing investments and responsibility

Full Strategic Advice including an annual Statement of Advice

$200 on first appointment but rebated if annual fee structure applies

$1,320 per annum paid via bank debit and invoice

Annual CPI increases will apply

Full Financial Advice

Availabiliy outside working hours and includes immediate family

 Up to $5,500 per annum plus $22 per transaction

Fee is debited from your account balance on a monthly basis

Annual CPI increases will apply