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Our Strategies

Good financial advice helps you make wise decisions about your money.

Good advice from an experienced, well-informed and trustworthy financial advisor can help you become more financially secure.

We have designed a retirement income strategy that includes the following:

  • An optimized retirement income that will include maximising your Age Pension entitlements
  • An easy to understand method of tracking the success of your retirement income strategy that will alert you in advance of any necessary improvements
  • A detailed analysis on how your retirement strategy compares with others
  • Model portfolios designed to minimize the risks of sequencing while providing the income you will need
  • A pre-set timetable for rebalancing your portfolio - including the regular re-setting of your income base and income consolidation
  • A full and transparent disclosure of every fee and cost
  • Your own actuarial report that includes managing your longevity risks

Your Statement of Advice (SoA) will be unique.

We present our strategies and recommendations in a very clear and easy to understand manner. Once your strategy is in place we will continue to optimise your retirement income and constantly keep you informed of our progress.

All regular reviews will include a rebalancing of your portfolio to ensure that your financial strategy remains consistent. On these occasions, we will keep you up to date on financial markets and make sure that you take advantage of any investment opportunities that may be available. We always make certain that you will have immediate access to sufficient cash and we will provide you with investment scenarios including the effect that both rising and falling markets will have on your investments.