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Design a Better Retirement Strategy

With Baby Boomers swelling the ranks of retired investors, there is now a greater need for a rational retirement income strategy that will work irrespective of any financial cycle.

If you are healthy and 65 years old today, there is more than a 50% chance that you will live into your mid to late 80s.

Many people don’t realise that they may end up living in retirement as long, or even longer than, their working lives. Without some careful thought, you could easily outlive your savings.

We suggest that you plan until age 93 if you are male, and to age 95 if you are female.

To bring certainty to your retirement income, your investment focus will have to shift from the rate of return on your investments to the generation of sustainable indexed income.

Your first and foremost priority must be the security of your income.

Central to your retirement income strategy will be the construction of an investment portfolio that will protect your assets against market downturns. Include assets in your portfolio that will provide income irrespective of market conditions. 

Of equal importance in the design of your retirement income strategy is the provision for additional income for your surviving spouse.

It is likely that the Age Pension will play an increasing role in contributing to your long-term income.

When there is only one of you, your surviving spouse will be eligible for the Single Rate of the Age Pension. All assets and income will be assessed on the Single Rate.

Know in advance what this will mean and plan for the fact that one day, your Aged Pension will decrease dramatically when one of you dies.

This second phase of your retirement is the time that your assets will have to make up any shortfall caused by a decline in your Age Pension entitlements.

To make sure that your retirement goals will be fulfilled, you will need to include effective portfolio management solutions in your retirement income strategy that will constantly re-balance your investments and re-set your income base.


How can we help?

We specialise in financial strategies that will provide you with sustainable retirement income.

Our financial plans are simple to understand and are very cost competitive.

By using a more stringent and active portfolio management strategy that protects your capital, we will ensure that you will also have a better retirement income portfolio, and sleep better at night.

Starting a discussion with us on your retirement income options is an easy, obligation-free and cost effective way to improve your knowledge on retirement incomes.