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Aging and Mental Fitness


Aging and Mental Fitness

As life expectancy continues to increase, we find ourselves living longer than ever before.

An aging population and lifestyle changes lead to a higher prevalence of obesity, chronic conditions, and degenerative diseases. No matter how much we advance in medical science, exercise daily, and eat right, our bodies still age and some of our physical and cognitive skills deteriorate. This happens to everyone, regardless of how smart or physically fit they were when they were younger.

Building a good relationship, providing technical specialisation and investment advice and working closely with you build the foundation needed to help us help you stay financially fit and secure. Our fiduciary duty to you includes continually improving the way we help you deal with the variety of challenges that come with retirement and age.

Specially designed and unique Statements of Advice (SoAs) will quickly give you a full understanding and appreciation of the strategy that is best suited to guarantee your retirement income.  

We frequently meet you to ensure that your retirement strategy remains in tune with your financial plans. It is very important to be kept fully informed about your assets and your income. We recommend and encourage our clients (where possible) to keep their children informed about their finances including where their assets are located, their sources of income, savings, pension plans, and current insurance policies.

To encourage a constant and ongoing relationship with our clients we include, at the end of your SoA, space for you to add your own notes or to jot down your thoughts as they occur. We find that this helps to ensure that nothing that you feel is important is missed. Your notes will act as a reminder and also as a prompt for you to check up on and to clarify aspects of your retirement income strategy at our next meeting. 

As we age, some of us tend to worry over things a bit more. Having answers to questions and resolving issues in the shortest period of time will in most instances, help to reduce anxiety. It also strengthens relationships and builds confidence.

Being a paperless office and having all our research, client records and software available to us even when we are not sitting behind our desks allows us to respond to our clients' queries both quickly and efficiently. We have called in and seen clients about their queries just minutes after they called because we were in their suburb at the time. Being out and about visiting clients for most of our time has distinct advantages. 

As an integral part of our on-going strategy reviews we readily make ourselves available to our clients (and members of their immediate family) outside normal working hours - including weekends and most public holidays.