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From daily purchases to making investment decisions, all financial decisions are now up to you

The Facts:

One of the hardest things about being a widow is having to make every financial decision on your own.  It is hard to get used to making decisions when you no longer have your husband to include.

Grief can leave you in a fog that could take years to clear.

The number of widows is increasing because, on average, women are expected to live longer than men. A longer life means a longer retirement.


The Challenge:

When you are emotionally vulnerable is perhaps the worst possible time to find someone to really trust.

To help you with financial advice, please don’t look for someone who will tell you what you should do. Find someone trustworthy and competent who will provide you with good ideas and sound advice. Find someone who will assist you by giving you the confidence to make up your own mind and decide what to do for yourself.

If possible, involve your family members in your financial decisions. It is more than likely that those closest to you will have to be there later on to give you a hand, when you need it.

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How can we Help?

If you lost your husband a while ago, you are probably settled well into single life and have pursued your career and/or cared for your family.

You can now focus clearly on the need to ensure the sustainability your retirement income and have the confidence to make the right decisions.

We can assist by advising you on the best way to secure long-term, retirement income. 

If you have recently lost your husband, your circumstances are entirely different. 

You have to allow yourself the opportunity to grieve and to come to terms with the fact that you are on your own. 

Specialising in retirement income planning provides us with the personal experience of advising clients during this most difficult of times.

If the loss of your husband is too emotionally raw to think about anything else, right now the best thing that you could do financially is to invest your money in cash.

It will be safe.

Arranging retirement income strategies can wait.

When you feel confident, please drop us a line.

We will arrange a meeting to suit you and we can start talking about your retirement plans.