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Mother & Carer

Many women choose to spend time out of the workforce to help look after their children and/or aging parents. This choice could drastically affect their retirement benefits

The Facts:

If you have chosen to spend time out of the workforce to help look after your children and/or your aging parents, the time spent out of work might range from a few months to several years.

Leaving the workforce can have a substantial effect on your savings and on your superannuation.


The Challenge:

Many women play a key role in the financial decisions of their households. Both men and women should have a voice in setting and achieving their financial goals and both should be comfortable about asking questions and providing input on key decisions.

Please keep in mind the information provided on the page Never Leave Your Spouse a Legacy of Poverty.

This is particularly important for women because they tend to outlive their partner and probably will need to manage their finances on their own, or work with an investment professional, later in life.


How can we help?

Deciding on an investment strategy that will secure your retirement income is the most important financial decision that you and your husband will have to make.

Your life together has been built on making joint decisions with each of you taking separate yet highly coordinated and integrated roles. Similar to the old motto, it could be said that "the sum of the two is greater than the sum of each one".  

Deciding on the financial strategy that will secure your retirement is also a joint decision.

We will make sure that the two of you have the same confidence in securing your retirement income. 

We will also make sure that your confidence will remain when there is only one.