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Career Women

Women are taking a greater role in academia, government and the business world

The Facts:

Women are evolving a greater financial presence in every section of our society. There are more women graduating from universities and choosing more highly skilled and financially rewarding careers. There are more women starting their own businesses.

This growth has created significantly greater earning and investment potential. 

The financial contribution that women make to their family's income is significant.


The Challenge:

It is increasingly important to develop a sound financial strategy in keeping with your growing income.

If you are single, be aware that you will qualify for the Single Age Pension. You will need more money to secure a good retirement income.

If you are married, just as your income improved the quality of life for your family, so too will your savings add to the comfort and freedom of your retirement. 


How can we help?

Ensuring the sustainability of your retirement income is important. It does not matter whether you single or married. 

Every 3 months, the Association of Super Funds Australia (ASFA) Retirement Standard (please see our News section) makes public its findings on the cost of living for retirees.

Every 3 months, the index is adjusted for inflation and the ASFA Retirement Index records the higher level of income that is needed.

Our retirement income strategies and recommended investment portfolios are designed to produce sustained long-term income.