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Living my Retirement

You may have retired but for your money, the “work” continues

Investing for income after a lifetime of saving isn't easy. It can require new financial decisions, new ways to think about your money and even, new investments.  

If you are healthy and 65 years old today, there is more than a 50% chance that you will live into your late 80's or 90's. 

This means that you could need your retirement income for longer than you realize. 

You will have to protect your retirement income inflation, market downturns and increasing health care costs. 

There are three things you must include in your retirement income strategy:


1. Establish your retirement monthly pay cheque:

In order to make your savings last, consider a conservative savings withdrawal strategy and keep the portion of your income that you derive from your allocated pension at the legally required minimum.

Adopt an investment strategy that is similar to that employed by a defined benefit superannuation fund to ensure the sustainability of your retirement income.


2. Pay attention to market swings and volatility:

As you near retirement age your investment time frame changes because you now don’t have the time to make up for losses. Market downturns are a normal part of investing so remember to:

Be Conservative when choosing income producing assets to safeguard your income against future market declines.

Maintain a diversified portfolio to spread your assets among different classes of investments and adding balance to your portfolio.

Review and re-balance your portfolio on a regular basis to ensure that it reflects your financial objectives.


3. Review your investments:

By maintaining a well managed portfolio you can provide yourself with a steady predictable source of annual income as well as long-term growth.


How can we help?

Our retirement income strategy uses state of the art software to optimise your retirement income . 

As you would be aware, the Age Pension will fall to the Single Rate when there is just one of you left. 

Our retirement income strategy holds funds in reserve to provide the extra income needed when a surviving spouse's Age Pension entitlement is reduced to the Singles Rate when they are on their own.

Our recommended investment portfolios have been designed to produce consistent real rates of return both over the medium and long-term. We include only the highest regarded fund managers and investments in our portfolios. 

We make sure that your money will continue to "work" well and that it will always be there for when you need it.