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For Women

While most things that you read about retirement focuses on men, retirement planning for women is actually more important.


There are a number of reasons why:   


On average they will live longer than men. In developed countries this will be about 5 years.
Women will live beyond their "healthy years" and require greater medical care.
Often they are not employed during the whole of their working lives.
Many women spend years of their life at home bringing up their family.
Many get divorced in later life.
Woman generally tend to avoid risk more than men. 

When it comes to investing women will often choose conservative investments such as blue chip shares and term deposits. Preservation of capital takes precedence over income. Security is important. 

The process of retirement planning for women is no different than that for men. It does however have to cover a longer period - often with less capital and consequently, less income.  

Women need to be much more involved, much earlier in their lives with their own retirement planning. 

One unfortunate statistic is that only 5%, or 1 in 20, of all retired people will have enough money to maintain their pre-retirement lifestyle. 

In general terms, if you asked us to put a dollar amount on how much capital you will need to retire comfortably today (at age 65); our answer would be close to $850,000 if you were single and $1.3M per couple. 


Why do you need so much? 


Your retirement could last for 40 years. You should budget on no more that a 5% return on your money and don't count on the Age Pension to be there as and when your money runs out.


Take advantage of the newer, more robust ways of investing your assets that will minimise risk and deliver more consistent and reliable income.