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Stealth Inflation

Stealth Inflation

Low interest rates will increase the cost of producing your retirement income

Retirees are subject inflation by stealth.

Low interest rates do not help investors to produce their income.

As interest rates rise, the Department of Human Services/Centrelink Deeming Rates will also rise and this may reduce your fortnightly Age Pension.

An increase in the value of your assets may also reduce your Age Pension.

These factors, over which you have no control, can make it hard to plan your finances.


What can you do about it?

Because future interest rates cannot be predicted and will fluctuate with the economic cycle, you should consider diversifying your assets to reduce volatility and enhance the sustainability and of your income.

With careful planning you can maximise your Age Pension.

Monitor the value of your assets (including any non-income producing assets) and know in advance how these values could influence your Age Pension.

It makes sense to be (where possible) independent of both interest rates and the Department of Human Services/Centrelink requirements.

It also makes sense to make sure that you take advantage of every legal opportunity to minimise your tax liabilities.

Ensure the sustainability of your retirement income by investing in assets that will increase with inflation and protect you against downturns.

Our retirement income strategy will provide you with sustainable long-term income. Our recommended portfolio has been specifically designed to include income producing investments that bring with them cash inflows untied to financial markets and economic conditions.

A sustainable retirement income strategy will be the financial foundation you need to plan your retirement.


How can we help?

Our financial strategies will optimise your income to provide you with greater amounts of income for longer periods of time than will traditional account based pensions.

We make sure that your Age Pension entitlements are maximised and help preserve your own assets.

Our sustainable retirement income strategy is designed to provide you with increasing long-term income.

Your capital will be available at all times - and not subject withdrawal penalties.

Please, drop us a line and invite us to discuss your retirement options.