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Retirement Planning

Retirement can mean more time for family and for personal passions

There is a dramatic mind shift as the boomers retire and begin to spend their savings.

They have expectations unlike anything their parents could have imagined.

Baby boomers are much wealthier than their parents. Retirement is seen as a time for overseas holidays, up-to-date technology and time for enjoying the company of family and friends.

You have worked hard all your life for the people you care most about.

Now, when it comes to your retirement, it becomes your time and you are unlikely to compromise.

Whether your retirement is a few years away, very close or is already a reality, this website can provide you with the information and the resources that you need to help you ensure the sustainability your retirement income, for life.

Your retirement could last for over 30 years. During this time you will be responsible for your own income. You will have the sole responsibility for writing your next 780 fortnightly pay cheques.

Just as you worked hard to provide the income needed for the people you love, please take the time to make sure that your retirement income will always be there for you.

Each area of this website contains information for people leading up to and at every stage of retirement.

Deciding on an investment strategy that will secure your retirement income is the most important financial decision that you will have to make.

If you are a government employee and about to retire from a Defined Benefit Superannuation Fund, you will now assume the sole responsibility for securing your retirement income. Having the comfort of knowing that your superannuation will be sustainable will no longer be something that your super fund will look after. It is now your responsibility.

If you are retiring with an Accumulation Based Superannuation Fund, you are now about to retire with a superannuation payout that could be less than it was a few years ago. You will already have first hand experience of what it is like not to have a Defined Superannuation Benefit. You too will now assume the full responsibility for your monthly income.

Visiting our website is your your introduction to the importance of a sustainable retirement income.

If you plan to be around for a while, you will appreciate the sense of security that a dependable source of income will bring.

Do a little homework before you decide on your retirement income strategy. Have a look at all your options before deciding on which is best for you.

Our sustainable retirement income strategy is designed to provide you with sustainable, long term increasing retirement income.

To ensure that your retirement income will be around as long as you will, we will include only the most recognised and well regarded investments in your portfolio.

Please drop us a line when you are ready. We can arrange a time to sit down together and design an income strategy that will optimise your retirement income.