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Our philosophy is quite simple

It is to align our client's interests with a higher standard of financial strategies and investments that are capable of generating sustainable, long-term increasing income


Our financial strategies minimise the four main risks that concerm retirees:


Income Risk:

Primarily the risk of your income not keeping up with inflation - especially when taking into account your changing spending patterns as you get older


Liquidity Risk:

The risk of not having your capital available when needed - without incuring redemption delays or withdrawal penalties


Investment Risk:

The uncertainty of investment returns due to volatiliy - in particular, the sequence of negative returns around your retirement date


Longevity Risk:

The risk of outliving your income because we are all living longer. This is the least understood and perhaps the greatest risk of all and is central to our retirement income strategy


How can we help?

In the current low interest rate environment the search for income is getting harder

Your first step in ensuring a better income is to understand the risks involved and to know how you can minimise them

We provide a higher standard of financial advice designed to reduce your uncertainty and to address all your concerns 

VERY IMPORTANTLY,  our financial strategies maximise the Age Pension entitlements for your surviving spouse and compensate for the loss in income when the Single Rate Age Pension takes effect

Please try the questionnaire and find out how important your retirement income really is to you